In our quest to develop the best yarn we could imagine, the Woolyarns’ yarn engineers continued to push the boundaries of woollen yarn spinning. Perino yarn is the result of engineered luxury that is lighter and more wonderful than even nature could create. Perino takes the warm, rich fibre from sustainably sourced New Zealand Brushtail Possum and mixes it with comforting, luxurious cashmere or merino fibres.

How Perino Came To Be

In 1992, a collaboration between a farmer and a woman in Wanganui, New Zealand led to groundbreaking research on the Brushtail Possum fibre. The yarn engineers at Woolyarns spun the first yarn using brushtail possum fibre and shortly after the discovery commercial quantities of the yarns followed. Woolyarns continues to collaborate with knitwear manufacturers around the world to develop unique luxury Brushtail Possum blended yarns.

Who is Woolyarns?

Woolyarns is an innovative New Zealand company best known for manufacturing high quality yarns. Woolyarns yarn manufacturing spans over half a century. Born into the woollen industry in Yorkshire, Colin Wood began an apprenticeship in 1920, and moved to New Zealand in 1939. Five years later he began his own wool-spinning factory that would later become known as Woolyarns. From 1965 Colin and sons Peter and Jim became known for producing yarns to customer specifications. Since then the company has expanded internationally, introducing new blends and product offerings to knitters and weavers. Woolyarns is proud yarn engineers of Perino yarns.