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Woolyarns source only the highest quality raw materials to produce exclusive Perino yarns. New Zealand Brushtail Possum fibre is sourced from a small number of carefully selected regions and only at certain times of the year. Our ZQ Merino is supplied by The New Zealand Merino Company, a trusted and internationally recognised supplier known for their fully traceable supply chain. In addition, the dedicated sourcing team at Woolyarns have established long-term relationships securing the finest Mongolian, Australian and New Zealand cashmere fibre and Mulberry silk.
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The non-native Brushtail Possum population has reached staggering proportions largely due to the lack of natural predators that would otherwise maintain an ecological balance. A close association between New Zealand’s Department of Conservation (DOC) and the New Zealand Fur council (A member of the International Fur Trade Federation) ensures that together, the number of New Zealand Brushtail Possums are ethically, humanely and responsibly managed. Possum trapping is considered one of the solutions for the control of Brushtail Possum numbers for natural heritage protection such as regeneration of native wildlife and protection of New Zealand’s endangered bird species.
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Procurement of Brushtail Possum fibre
The New Zealand Brushtail Possum is a non-native, invasive animal found in the country’s wild landscapes. They cause such immense harm to native life, that conservation programmes are essential. Woolyarns and the New Zealand Fur Council is committed to constant improvement of New Zealand trapping standards used throughout the fibre recovery process. These standards already adhere to those outlined in the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (AIHTS). Furthermore, all hunters and trappers must obey New Zealand statutory and government regulations including the Animal Welfare Act 1999.

The luxurious garments made from Perino yarns are durable and high performing, they last between 10- 20 years. All Perino yarns are crafted with human and environmental protection in mind, with no harmful chemical substances present, ensuring that they meet European Union REACH standards.
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Social Responsibility
We believe being sustainable means using our resources efficiently, respecting nature and the environment, not compromising the needs of future generations all while creating value for our stakeholders. The overall objective is to maintain a solid and profitable business model that will enable sustainable growth. Sustainable growth allows reinvestment into machinery, technology and the community.

Protecting New Zealands Native Wildlife

Introduced into New Zealand during the 19th century, the Brushtail Possum is a notified pest. It thrived in the country’s forests and the population exploded. Every year, the Brushtail Possum cause immense harm to the country’s natural flora and fauna. Control programmes manage the Brushtail Possum population to protect native trees, plants and birdlife. The fibre we source for Perino yarns is a by-product of those eradication programmes. It is collected from a small number of carefully selected regions and only at certain times of the year. We blend it with only the finest microns of merino or cashmere to guarantee softness and consistency.
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The Brushtail Possum population is currently estimated at 30 million in New Zealand.
Brushtail Possum consume 11,000 metric tonnes every 24 hours.
Native bird species like New Zealand’s beloved kiwi face habitat destruction and nest invasion by Brushtail Possum.

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