Perino knitted fabric can be scoured and milled in side-loading or front-loading programmable washing machines. The finish will vary depending on:

Yarn Count & Twist


Percentage of Possum Fibre

Knit Structure

Type of Washing Machine

Water Hardness

The Wash Cycle

Follow these recommended steps for scouring and milling in fully programmable washing machines:


Step 1

Half fill the drum with Perino fabric. For example for a 25 kilo machine, fill it with 12.5 kilos of knitted fabric. Use fillers if necessary.

Wash Cycle

Step 2

Static fill, high water level, 40°C with a small amount of wool detergent. Wash for 5 minutes and then drop the water and extract for a further 2-3 minutes. Check the knit structure and fibre burst of fabric, repeat step if necessary.

First Rinse Cycle

Step 3

Static fill, high water level, cold water, wash for 2-3 minutes. Drop water and extract for 2-3 minutes.
Second Rinse Cycle

Step 4

Static fill, medium water level, add recommended percentage of softener. Wash for 1-2 minutes at the temperature specified on the softener technical sheet. Drop water and extract for 6-7 minutes on high-speed (800rpm).


Step 5

Tumble dry on medium heat. Fill drum one third full, do not overload the machine. Allow for plenty of air to help the Perino knitted fabric dry.