Perino Haze yarn thread

Perino by Woolyarns Fall/Winter Yarn Collection 2023-24

For the past 75 years in New Zealand, yarn engineers at Woolyarns utilise their expertise in woollen spinning and their innovative textile technology to craft high-quality yarns. Over the past 25 years, Woolyarns has developed and introduced the textile world to Perino by Woolyarns. Perino blends the finest cashmere, ZQ certified merino from New Zealand, BCI certified Australian cotton and Oeko-tex certified mulberry silk fibres with responsibly and ethically sourced Brushtail possum fibre exclusively from New Zealand.

This unique product has found international success with high fashion brands due to its unique and distinctive look in finished knitwear. Fabrics knit using Perino yarns are luxuriously soft and offer performance attributes that even cashmere cannot match. The wearer of Perino garments gain extraordinary warmth and can enjoy added durability with low-pilling properties created by the unique Brushtail possum fibre structure.

Every year Woolyarns release a new collection of Perino yarns featuring a range of different fibre blends, counts and colours to suit unique designs, markets, and price points. Woolyarns recently released their Fall/Winter Yarn collection for 2023/24 at Pitti Filati in Florence, Italy and it features new and exciting colours – selected with inspiration from a reputable international fashion, textile and apparel trend forecasting system.

This years’ collection consists of four unique yarn blends, premium yarns Cirrus and Nimbus are joined by two new yarns named New Stratus and Haze.

Perino Cirrus is our most luxurious yarn blend with 40% Cashmere, 40% Brushtail possum down and 20% Mulberry silk, it comes in two yarn counts 36/2Nm and 28/2Nm and is offered in a distinctive chainette chunky weight as well. All Cirrus yarns have a small stock service colour palette and custom yarn colouring options available upon request.

Perino Nimbus is a diversifiable yarn for high-end knitwear with 65% fine New Zealand ZQ merino, 25% Brushtail possum down and 10% Mulberry silk. As our most popular blend this yarn is offered in 28/2Nm suitable for 10-12gg flat knitting and comes in 21 stock service colours for sampling purposes and as always custom yarn colouring options are available.

Perino New Stratus is designed for accessible, everyday opulence. It blends 70% fine New Zealand ZQ merino, 20% Brushtail possum down with 10% Lyocell for added strength and garment recovery. This yarn is offered in 18/2Nm and comes in six stock service colours for sampling.

Our newest blend is Perino Haze – an opalescent summer cloud / a sophisticated yarn for warmer season garments. It consists of 70% Australian cotton, 20% Mulberry silk, 10% Brushtail possum down and is offered in 28/2Nm. It comes in five stock service colours for sampling and is a great new addition to the Woolyarns collection.

Perino Haze knitted fabric

Woolyarns, the manufacturing mill behind Perino also offer yarns using camel fibre from Inner Mongolia and China called Kaamera. A 100% Camel, a 50/50 ZQ Merino/Camel,  and a lofty chainette in 97% Camel with 3% Nylon for stability.

Perino by Woolyarns is excited to present these luxurious yarns to the market and we invite you to discover the full collection.