Perino Haze

Perino Haze – An opalescent summer cloud

Perino Haze – An opalescent summer cloud 

Perino by Woolyarns has added a cotton blend to the Fall Winter 2023/24 collection. Until now, our Perino yarn range has been missing a yarn suitable for the warmer seasons. Our yarns have always focused on warmth by combining the finest cashmere, merino, and mulberry silk with our star fibre Brushtail possum down, but what has been missing is Perino Haze – A sophisticated yarn for warmer season garments. Perino Haze is a blend of 70% Australian cotton, 20% mulberry silk, and 10% Brushtail possum down. Perino Haze joins Cirrus, Nimbus, and New Stratus in the new season collection. 

As with all Woolyarns yarns, Perino Haze is rooted in sustainable, traceable, and ethical design. We source our fibres from reputable suppliers with whom we have fostered long and successful working relationships. The Australian cotton we use is 100% Australian-grown and processed and is Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and Best Management Practices (MyBMP) certified. The mulberry silk is Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means no harmful chemicals are used in the production of the fibre. This is sourced from our Chinese supplier and is produced in China – the birthplace if silk.  

As we have talked about in previous posts, the Brushtail possum down used in all Perino yarns is sourced from select regions of New Zealand at specific times to of the year, ensuring the highest fibre quality. The Brushtail possum is an introduced pest that causes serious degradation to the native forests and animals across New Zealand. Trappers follow strict international trapping standards to humanly trap the Brushtail possums in an effort to control population sizes and to protect New Zealand’s beautiful flora and fauna. The fibre used in the Perino by Woolyarns yarn range is a byproduct of conservation efforts.  


Cotton Component

Australian Cotton

Why use Australian cotton?  

The cotton in our Perino Haze yarn is grown in three inland valleys of NSW, Australia. Our cotton supplier is certified BCI and MyBMP. This ensures that the cotton produced is of high quality and that the process is environmentally and socially conscious. The programs consider aspects of cotton production like soil health and biodiversity, water use, pest control, and workers’ welfare – among other things.  

The cotton fibres are classed in a reputable facility in Sydney, Australia. The classing facilities processes have strong ties to international organizations such as ICA Bremen, CSITC, CSIRO and the Cotton Classers Association of Australia. The cotton that we use in our Perino Haze is among the highest-quality cotton fibres produced.  

The cotton fibres are 100% Australian-grown. Our supplier uses Oritain, an organization that analyses fibres and uses a scientific process to trace the origins of a fibre. This provides assurance of the fibres traceability, which is important to us as the next step in the manufacturing process as well as the end consumer.  

From Oritain, BCI and MyBMP certifications we know that the fibres going into the Perino Haze blend meet our strict criteria, are traceable, and produced in an environmentally and socially conscious way.  

Possum for warmer months:  

Usually, our Perino yarns blend Brushtail possum down with cashmere, merino, or silk for soft and luxuriously warm fabrics. This time however we are blending it with Australian cotton for fabrics more suited to warmer-season garments. While the Brushtail possum down does provide warmth, we have reduced the percentage of Brushtail possum down present in this blend, compared with the rest of the Perino range. This leaves us with the benefit of all the other properties we love the Brushtail possum down fibre for.  

The tapered shape of the fibre means the Brushtail possum down bursts to the surface of the fabric, providing added softness as well as durability. The unique fibre shape minimizes pilling, meaning the fabric will look newer for longer.  

The fibre also has a hollow core which provides greater thermal comfort. The natural fibres of Perino Haze create breathable fabrics that will keep you comfortable in warmer climates. The 100% natural fibre makeup of the yarns also means they are biodegradable at the end of life – although that will not come in a hurry thanks to the durability of Perino fabrics!  


Perino Haze collection colours

Woolyarns 2023/24 Fall/Winter Collection: 

Woolyarns 2023/24 Fall/Winter Collection has a number of exciting new yarns, counts, and of course colours selected using the Peclers Paris trend forecast system to showcase this year. The Perino Haze comes in a range of softer shades, while the other yarns in the collection tell their own stories. To find out more about the Perino Haze blend, or any of our other Perino yarns head to our website. You can also request a sample to see the full range of yarns and colours released this year.