Perino: Sustainable Yarn Engineering

In the world of luxury fashion, sustainability and innovation are no longer just trendy words. New Zealand-based Woolyarns is setting a high standard with its commitment to the environment. Perino Yarns by Woolyarns is a perfect blend of luxury, quality, and environmental care, making a big impact on the fashion industry.

A recent achievement for Woolyarns is earning the coveted Toitū Enviromark Gold certification. This certification is an important step in managing environmental impacts at our Wellington-based factory. It shows that Woolyarns has a solid plan and policy (Woolyarns Policy) to reduce our environmental footprint. This certification proves that Woolyarns is serious about measuring and managing our environmental impacts effectively. Woolyarns is committed to reducing the environmental impact of textile production. We are starting with our own production process, which is designed to be environmentally friendly. We use reactive dyes that need lower water temperatures and produce very low-risk wastewater. We also use biodegradable detergent for cleaning animal fibres, monitor resources use carefully, and invest in efficient production methods to minimise waste. We carefully choose natural raw materials that are traceable and certified where possible for all our Perino yarns. This includes fine ZQ certified merino wool from New Zealand, Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified mulberry silk, renewable lyocell from Lenzing, and unique Brushtail possum down from New Zealand. These materials ensure high quality and durability while supporting sustainable practices.


A unique part of Woolyarns’ sustainability efforts is the use of Brushtail possum down in our yarns. This fibre comes from pest control efforts that protect New Zealand’s native forests. Managing the possum population helps preserve these important carbon-absorbing forests and protects native wildlife. Woolyarns’ efforts support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially those about responsible consumption, climate action, and life on land. By making high-quality, long-lasting yarns, Woolyarns helps reduce textile waste, promoting a more sustainable fashion industry.

For luxury knitwear designers, Woolyarns’ Perino yarns offer a path to a sustainable future. With our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and the Toitū Enviromark Gold certification, Woolyarns shows how environmental care while maintaining high standards of quality and luxury in a product is possible.

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