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Perino by Woolyarns to Exhibit at Pitti Filati

For the second year in a row, Woolyarns are excited to be attending Florence’s prestigious textiles event, Pitti Filati. Woolyarns will showcase their premium possum blended yarns with the Perino by Woolyarns collection. Consisting of 4 different blends in various counts, Perino by Woolyarns is a collection for the senses, leaving an impression to last a lifetime. The brushtail possum down adds incomparable warmth and softness to garments and sits alongside pure cashmere and baby alpaca in the textile market. They are proven to be 50% warmer than pure merino and 35% warmer than pure cashmere, and can boast low pilling and anti-odor properties.

Pitti Filati is an international textile event, showcasing yarns to knitters, buyers and lifestyle designers from all over the world. Starting on the 29th of June the event runs for 3 days, attracting creatives to be inspired in the idyllic setting of Florence, Italy. At Pitti Filati, Perino by Woolyarns will be presenting their new colour collection for Fall Winter 17/18 and will illustrate the vast possibilities of adding Perino to fashion designer’s next collections.

Inspired by international trends and the phenomenon that is nature, the Perino palette is drawn from the first light of dawn, when the world holds most promise. Revel in vibrant strands of mauve cut by striking scarlet orange, honest amber yellows and sprawling subdued pinks. Traditionally earthy neutrals lap up sunrise hues, with honeydew greens, atmospheric pink greys and copper-flecked browns. The luminous palette conveys a world of firsts, and shows the versatility of Perino by Woolyarns. Ever catering to their customer’s needs, Woolyarns provide a colour matching service, making the Perino colour options as limitless as any imagination.

Collaborating with international designer and USA Project Runway winner Sean Kelly, has been an exciting part of the process for the Perino by Woolyarns 17/18 collection. His innovative designs showcase the versatility of the blends, creating voluminous shapes that envelop the wearer, using ribbed knit structures and a handpicked selection from Perino by Woolyarn’s Fall Winter 17/18 colour collection. The mini collection is cosy yet sophisticated with a nostalgic air and demonstrates the ability for designers to transform Perino by Woolyarns to the whims of their creativity.

The Perino by Woolyarns booth at Pitti Filati will illustrate the beauty and versatility of the premium brushtail possum yarns. Cirrus, a supreme blend of 40% cashmere, 40% brushtail possum down and 20% mulberry silk creates serene and heavenly garments. Nimbus, consisting of 65% fine merino, 25% brushtail possum down and 10% mulberry silk, is a diversifiable yarn for top end luxury and warmth. With a selection of the coluors from the new collecton, Pitti Filati visitors will be able to feel the touch of Perino, and maybe even meet the perfect match for their next collection.

Knitters, buyers and designers are welcome to make a booking to view the Perino Collection at Pitti Filati at