Perino yarns are symbiotic to the Chinese luxury market: Part 2

With the Covid-19 pandemic causing disruptions across the globe, China is one of the few countries in the world that is predicted to see economic growth in 2021. As China continues to recover from the pandemic Chinese consumers will look for something new, innovative, and sustainable to buy – a distinction Perino by Woolyarns can offer to brands and designers.

Woolyarns are the creators of the exclusive range of Perino yarns. Perino yarns feature the unique Brushtail possum down fibre, skillfully blended with cashmere, silk, and merino. Brushtail possum down offers warmth, softness and low pilling properties to finished luxury fabrics, knitwear and accessories.

Due to the travel disruptions and lockdowns caused by the pandemic in 2020, Woolyarns were unable to attend key trade events such as Spinexpo Shanghai to present the Perino, Kaamera and New Zealand Cashmere yarn collections. It is still unknown whether 2021 will be different, and whether vaccines will alter the likelihood of travel later in the year, but it looks unlikely. Woolyarns will continue to offer interested buyers physical samples including fabric swatches and colour cards and will invite new customers to connect through digital channels.

With many exhibitions moving to digital platforms to connect international buyers and exhibitors, designers and brand managers are becoming accustomed to working this way. The digitization of the fashion and textile industry is replicated by consumers online spending, although like brand managers and buyers the tactile nature of experiencing the physical product is still crucial in the luxury market.

Luxury items such as premium knitwear are accessible to more Chinese consumers as the median household income continues to rise. Although lockdowns in China last year contributed to a considerable decrease in spending in this area, a new trend of ‘revenge spending’ was seen after the lockdowns. This phenomenon more than made up for the low sales months. A joint research program by Bain and Company and Tmall Luxury Division, reported spending on luxury goods in China nearly doubled after lockdowns in 2020, and further growth is expected through 2025, putting China at the top of the global luxury market (Fashion United).

Chinese consumers typically spend more money on luxury goods while holidaying due to the lower taxes associated with luxury goods bought outside of China. The Hainan duty-free stores have created a domestic luxury shopping destination, contributing to Chinas predicted rise in economic growth and position in the global luxury market. As the economy in China recovers and consumers look to high-end fashion instead of international travel, designer brands can trust Perino yarns to add a distinctive and exclusive touch of luxury to a collection.

What is luxury to the Chinese consumer?
As described in the earlier “Perino yarns are symbiotic to the Chinese luxury market article”, the luxury goods industry in China is ever-evolving. Like the European market, luxury goods to Chinese consumers include designer handbags, fashion, jewellery, and watches. Well known European and American luxury brands including Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Coach and Bulgari are joined by Chinese luxury jewellery brands such as Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang as the most popular luxury brands to buy. Consuming luxury brands in China enables the buyer to show their ‘social status’ and is a marker of success.
One theme that has arisen within the luxury goods market since the article published a few years ago is the importance of sustainability in the luxury goods market. “The Covid-19 pandemic has strengthened the belief that environmental sustainability is now a necessity, and now consumer behaviours reflect this” (Jing Daily).

Why is Perino a fit for Chinese luxury?
Perino yarns with Brushtail Possum down are exclusive to New Zealand and are engineered for high quality, luxury apparel and knitwear. Perino yarns offer unique benefits to the Chinese luxury market, catering to brands wanting to present something new and exciting to their customers. These bespoke yarns align with the exclusivity and selective nature of the Chinese luxury market.

Perino by Woolyarns entered the Chinese market a few years ago and have been popular with several domestic brands such as XiaoChong, Ports1961, Ellassay and many others.

The properties and background story of Perino yarns in earlier blog posts such as Is Perino the new cashmere have laid out a lot of the information for prospective buyers, such as the low pilling properties, comfort, warmth and softness of the fabrics.

Woolyarns have been working hard to meet customer expectations around the sustainable manufacturing of yarns. Sustainability in the luxury goods market is an increasingly important issue, especially with Gen Zers, who are predicted to account for 55% of all transactions of luxury goods in China by 2025 (Jing Daily).

Woolyarns maintain strict ethical standards when sourcing raw materials and only source the finest quality cashmere, New Zealand ZQ certified merino and Oeko-tex mulberry silk for the entire Perino yarns range. The Brushtail possum down fibre used in Perino yarns comes from the possum – an introduced pest to New Zealand that causes destruction and degradation to the natural flora and fauna of New Zealand. The use of the fibre in the Perino range, as well as offering exceptional warmth, softness and durability, contributes to the conservation efforts taking place around New Zealand to eradicate the pest and protect the native plants and species such as the beloved national bird, the kiwi.

Woolyarns understand the importance of sustainable production processes. The company has strict quality management systems in place, as well as sustainable water usage and a clean fibre dyeing process with the certified low-risk wastewater tested regularly.

Perino by Woolyarns offers brands a unique opportunity for sustainable luxury. The durability and low pilling properties combined with the warmth and softness of Perino fabrics creates exclusive high-quality products – a perfect fit for the ever-growing Chinese luxury market.

Find out more about the unique, luxurious, and sustainable properties of Perino by Woolyarns and see how Perino can elevate your luxury brand.